Off to NZ to learn more

Friday November 10, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Six nursing students will leave today (Friday) to New Zealand to gain work experience in Auckland clinics for three weeks.


Third year nursing students Maire Wichman, Villiama George, Rereao Vano, Deen Tangata, Temreke Hopi and Norma Tairi will be employed at various clinics around Auckland, from Mt Wellington to Manukau city.

This is the second such trip nursing students have made. A group also visited New Zealand last year, but Tangata says they struggled with funding much more than the previous group.

“We’ve had to do fundraising over the past three years just to get funds, as well as get many approvals from the Ministry of Health, who have also partially funded it,” said Tangata.

“We’ve also got funding from places like Sokala Villas, PTS and now BSP. We’re just really thankful to everyone who has contributed to the trip.”

While the students are all on scholarships, these do not cover the costs incurred by the trip.

The money the group has raised will pay for living and miscellaneous expenses.

“We need to raise the living expenses because while we’re over there it is pro bono (free) work, it’s just part of the training,” Vano said.

“But the clinics are all being run by Cook Islanders, so we’ve been placed with them, It’s all been arranged through the school of nursing, by the principal, Mary MacManus.”

After they return, the six students will all graduate and become registered nurses.


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