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Apii Nikao signs furniture contract

Monday October 23, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Staff at New Zealand supplier class* have begun putting together Apii Nikao’s order of school and office furniture. 17102209 Staff at New Zealand supplier class* have begun putting together Apii Nikao’s order of school and office furniture. 17102209

Building work at Apii Nikao is progressing well and New Zealand supplier class* has signed a contract with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation to provide furniture for the new school.


The deal was reached last month and Apii Nikao staff, with the help of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, have selected a range of furniture that will support flexible learning and teaching opportunities.

Principal Elizabeth Kapi said: “It’s a rare treat as a school to have a say in the different types of furniture we can have.

“We are excited with the selections. There is a combination of soft and hard furniture, which come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. When maximized effectively, it will contribute towards the teaching and learning of learners whether they are teachers, students, or parents.”

Class* started as a small office furniture business 23 years ago and is now one of the main educational furniture suppliers in New Zealand.

This is the second school contract it has signed in the Cook Islands and the products are scheduled to arrive in January next year.

In the meantime, construction of the new school in Nikao is continuing steadily.

A delegation from China’s Commerce ministry recently visited Rarotonga to inspect the building work and verify quality test results.

They were very pleased with the outcomes and how far the project has come since May this year.

All walls at the Early Childhood Education building have been built and plastered. The roof structure is complete, as is 50 per cent of the internal concrete floor.

Construction of all internal and external walls at the main building is complete and 20 per cent have been plastered.

Other than a small portion of formwork to be removed, all roof structures at the main building are complete.

Galvanised steel purlins have arrived and are expected to be mounted into position this week. At the southern end of the project site, plastering work for all walls at the senior building is complete.

The contractor is now in the process of preparing foundations for a covered walkway that will link the main building to the senior school.

Laying of new sewer lines around the Avatea hall began two weeks ago and vehicle access through Tapatea road was restricted to allow the contractor to make headway without disruptions.

The construction of footings for a fence commenced last week. The fence, which will incorporate concrete block and timber pailing, will surround the entire school.

For regular updates of the rebuild, the public is encouraged to visit and ‘like’ the project’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/ANrebuild/

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