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Students learn to serve community

Thursday October 12, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Tereora College Anau Te Kou clean up in Panama. 17101105/Facebook Tereora College Anau Te Kou clean up in Panama. 17101105/Facebook

As part of Tereora College’s mission of developing excellence in citizenship: “Tangata Tiratira Tu”, school staff and students were involved in serving the Cook Islands community on Friday last week.


Principal Tania Morgan said the day was students’ incentive to invest in the local community and the people who live in it.

“The purpose of this particular day is to give back to our wider community by serving and making a difference,” Morgan said.

The school’s Anau classes organised themselves with the support of the school teachers and were involved in a number of services dedicated to the community. 

This is the second year the college has observed this day and Morgan said they would definitely like to continue with it in the future. 

The satisfaction and pride that comes with serving could be life-changing, she said.

“We have a responsibility to instill in our young students the value of giving and the idea of providing a service to our community is part of this.”

Students and staff were seen all around the island; cleaning up the area around Avana Harbour, volunteering at the Esther Honey Foundation animal clinic and running activities with Blackrock Pre-School and Apii Nikao.

Other students provided breakfast for St Joseph Primary School and Apii Rutaki while others cleaned up the surrounds of the Whale and Wildlife Centre on the back road near town.

The school also provided lunch for Land Holdings Ltd staff, cleaned up around the Social Centre, did painting work around the community and visited the elderly.

Students also provided a free sausage, freshened up the paint at various locations at Rarotonga International Airport and performed other positive services for others around the island.

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