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Friday October 06, 2017 Written by Published in Local
A New Zealand volunteer’s generosity will benefit the health of Rarotonga’s animals. 16071833 A New Zealand volunteer’s generosity will benefit the health of Rarotonga’s animals. 16071833

A New Zealand volunteer is looking for donations so she can bring around 150kg of veterinary supplies to Rarotonga.


Holly Kendrick has said she will donate the much-needed supplies to new local animal veterinary clinic Te Are Manu (TAM).

“I can't wait to spend some time working with your animals and also talking to locals about the possibility of training towards a veterinary nursing qualification with scholarships I am setting up,” Kendrick said.

The volunteer will travel to the Cook Islands with two Otago Polytechnic Veterinary Nursing Assistant students in October, where the three will volunteer and give medical assistance to animals in need.

The veterinarian said that she had contacted animal clinics throughout New Zealand and asked for donations of supplies.

“Part of our goal was to take donated supplies with us to Rarotonga. The response from businesses nationwide has been overwhelming and we now have a huge collection of goods to take with us which is incredible,” Kendrick said.

“They really will be lifesaving,” she said.

Kendrick reiterated that TAM is not a government funded clinic and that donations were necessary in order for the clinic to remain open.

“Te Are Manu relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses worldwide who volunteer their services and products.

“Such generous acts enable us to care for the animals in Rarotonga,” she said.

Kendrick has opened a ‘Givealittle’ page which she hopes will help get the supplies to Rarotonga and ease the burden of the expensive freight.

With over $520 already donated, the TAM board member will use any remaining money to support and manage the continuous work of TAM.

“Should there be any additional funds available I will use them to purchase much needed flea treatment to take with me,” she said.

“I have managed to collect around 150kg of donated veterinary supplies and have them mostly packed up to make the trip to the clinic. This is proving to be quite an expensive exercise!

If you can spare any amount I would love your support to help cover the excess baggage charges. These donations are going to save lives,” Kendricks Givealittle page reads.

Donations can be made be at

“No amount is too small and we would love your help,” she added.

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