$90 offer sparks phone storm

Monday March 13, 2017 Written by Published in Local
The abandoned car sits past Kiikii Motel and has cause quite the stir this week. 17031041 The abandoned car sits past Kiikii Motel and has cause quite the stir this week. 17031041

An abandoned car has been the centre of an unusual prank in Tupapa.


The car has had a for sale sign spray-painted on to it.

The vehicle, parked on the right side of the road past Kiikii Motel has been there since before December and is said to be either abandoned, or the owners are living abroad.

Driving past the car and its graffiti can’t be missed. Scribbled across the side of the navy blue Toyota, a white spray-painted sign that reads: ‘For sale, only $90 ph…’

However the unrealistically cheap price has not been the key talking point of the offer; it is in fact the phone number associated with it.

The number listed is that of Pai Papai, who does not own the car, nor does he know who owns or owned it. Nevertheless Papai has been inundated with calls regarding the sale of a car, he never knew existed prior to the first interested buyer’s call on Monday morning.

An annoyed Papai told this reporter he simply wants the calls to stop,

“I’m busy trying to work and my phone is going off every two minutes! It’s a good laugh, I’ll give you that but far out,” Papai said.

Following several days filled with a constantly vibrating phone, Papai notified the police about the situation.

Senior Sergeant Pouao noted they have managed to get in touch with the owner, who is living in New Zealand. The owners declared they had left it in the hands of a family friend 3 months ago, though the police have failed to reach [them] on the provided contact number.

In relation to the vehicle, Pouao has said police are looking at getting the vehicle removed.

As for the vandalism and miss use of Papai’s phone number on the vehicle, Pouao has said they have no leads into who vandalised the vehicle and would be more than happy to speak to anyone who has further information.

Since the “prank’’ involves graffiti and vandalism of a vehicle, someone can be held accountable. Papai was comforted to learn that it wouldn’t be him.

Papai took to Facebook in a desperate plea to make the phone calls stop.

“96 people have called me wanting to buy this car since Monday. People, I can’t sell you this car. It’s not mine.”

However, Papai was able to find some humour in the ordeal, joking:  “I guess I’ve made 96 new friends though.”

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