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Bid to boost interest in reading

Saturday May 07, 2016 Written by Published in Local

IN an effort to increase interest in reading books and the country’s literacy level, the Ministry of Education will begin a week-long “Books in Homes Project” in five schools on Monday.


The ministry’s secondary literacy advisor, Kim Geddes said the programme would help improve the country’s education system and raise awareness of the importance of reading.

“We hope parents and caregivers will get behind our campaign. They are the first teachers and with their children’s teachers together with support from the ministry, we will see marked improvement in school results,” Geddes said.

“There is no easier way to improve literacy skills than by reading.”

She said the decision to introduce the programme had resulted from a survey conducted last year.

“We interviewed many students from many of our schools including some in the Pa Enua and a common thread was the small number of books in homes.

“We have planned many events to promote reading and reading at home. The project is year-long with one simple aim: get more books in homes so that kids will have books to read.”

“We have a great show prepared for students with  guest speakers including the PM, and the New Zealand High Commissioner and a drama skit with BCI’s Kuki Bird.

At the end of the show we will give books to year five and six students.”              

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