PM off to northern group

Monday February 29, 2016 Written by Published in Local

Prime Minister Henry Puna is off to northern group islands today to hold consultation regarding fisheries on those islands.


He will be accompanied by the other Members of Parliament (MPs) from the northern group islands.

They include Teokotai Willie Gifford (Penrhyn), Tekii Razaro (Pukapuka/Nassau) and Toka Hagai (Rakahanga).

PM’s advisor Trevor Pitt said Puna, who is also the MP for Manihiki, would run the consultation for a week.

He said a wide range of discussions regarding fisheries on those islands was expected during the consultation.

“The prime minister will be holding consultations with the northern group islands about fisheries. He will be accompanied by the other MPs. The consultation will be for the whole week.”

One of the key fisheries issues to hit the limelight from the northern group is the alleged government’s plan to construct a large fishing base on Penhryn.

Pitt had earlier denied the allegation made by the former Penhryn MP Wilkie Rasmussen saying government has no such plans.

Meanwhile the other ministers will be in the country and is expected to meet for their weekly cabinet meeting tomorrow.

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