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Starving pigs spark outrage

Monday January 18, 2016 Written by Published in Local
This photo of a Rarotongan pig posted on social media has sparked outage and widespread debate. 16011301 This photo of a Rarotongan pig posted on social media has sparked outage and widespread debate. 16011301

It appears the New Year is not immune to animal cruelty, with reports of starving pigs in Rarotonga sparking outrage on social media.


Cook Islands SPCA member Victoria Kennedy took to Facebook this week to say while out walking recently, she came across some pigs looking very skinny and unhealthy.

“As a member of the CISPCA I approached the owners, who were in the process of holding down another pig, trying to free its leg with a machete from a rope that was so tight it had grown into its leg.

“When I told them the pigs were too thin and need urgent attention they said the pigs were ‘sick’.”

“I asked them if they had called the vets they said ‘no’,” she said.

Kennedy suggested she could call the vets, but the owners then became aggressive, held up the machete and said ‘go away, we’re busy’.

“This is disgusting behaviour and poor animal care.”

“There were more piglets there and as the bigger pigs are so malnourished, I don’t see how they can feed more piglets.”

CI News understands the CISPCA intended to call Ministry of Agriculture, the police, and Esther Honey to alert them to the state of the pigs.

The SPCA has long been calling for a change to Cook Islands law, as the current fine for animal cruelty is only $20.         

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  • Comment Link Rita Hunt Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:46 posted by Rita Hunt

    Shame on the Cook Islands Government 'powers that be,' where is your humanity? Just as important where is your responsibility? Surely, when you took office you vowed/promised to improve life on the Cook Islands. How difficult can it be to improve and impose Animal Cruelty Laws. $20. fine Is laughable and not a deterrent. An increased fine, jail time and revoke the right to own any animal. Animal abuse is known to be the first step towards child abuse. It has been proven. And, what are the children of abusers learning, surely not the sanctity of life.
    Rita Hunt

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