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New head for Price Tribunal

Monday May 12, 2014 Written by Published in Local
Minister of Internal Affairs Nandi Glassie. 14032829 Minister of Internal Affairs Nandi Glassie. 14032829

Tatiana Burn has been appointed as President of the Price Tribunal by Internal Affairs Minister Nandi Glassie.

He replaces Terry Hagan.

Internal Affairs secretary Bredina Drollett has been appointed a member of the tribunal, replacing Madeilene Sword as an ordinary member. In her role as secretary she has had an administrative oversight function of the tribunal.

The Price Tribunal is established under the Control of Prices Act 1966 and is administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Its primary functions and duties are to fix prices for selected goods and services (fuel, gas and bread) and to investigate any complaints referred to it with respect to trade practices or the prices charged for goods and services. 

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