A TEAM from worldwide organisation International Youth Fellowship (IYF), is on Rarotonga preaching and teaching about the mind and the heart through the word of God.

Dinner with the badminton stars

Tuesday August 30, 2016

COOK ISLANDS Badminton Association held a successful fundraising dinner in aid of Nukuture College and Apii Avarua badminton teams to the AIMS Games in New Zealand.

THE WHALE team has had a very exciting last few

A LONG-forgotten photo given to Cook Islands News by Auckland couple John and Tuaine Bailey has revived memories of three Cook Islanders’ remarkable feat in surviving 64 days adrift in a 13-foot boat, after what was to be a straightforward voyage from Manihiki to Rakahanga and back went horribly wrong.

HOWEVER you feel about social media, there is no denying they are pretty powerful tools when it comes to spreading the message about an event or cause.

Generous assistance for family

Tuesday August 30, 2016

COOK ISLANDS Trading Corporation Limited (CITC) last week handed some cash and other items to the Rima family who lost their house and all their belongings in a fire earlier this month.

AN URGENT message is being sent out by a visiting sailor, Veronica Wynne-Hughes, who is desperate to meet any relatives of “the Manihiki Boys.”

MINISTRY of Cultural Development held an appreciation dinner for the sponsors of the 2016 Te Maeva Nui festival, on Friday night at The Islander Hotel.

Midwifery training for MoH

Monday August 29, 2016

A TOTAL of 19 nurses and doctors received their midwifery certificates from the Minister for Health Nandi Glassie at Rarotonga Hospital last week.

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