A Rarotonga grower is encouraging locals to go back to basics and is giving away free soil to households so they can learn how to live off the land until the economy picks up and tourists return.

Coronavirus, unlike the current same-sex law, doesn't discriminate against LGBT+ people.

Expat worker Marc Marlon Rebollos stands with tears rolling down his face.

Cook Islands is truly blessed, he says, that there has been no Covid-19 confirmed here. He is speaking to his own Filipino, to the Indonesian and Kiribas communities, to government representatives – about 200 people in total.

The disappearance of the country’s tourists has forced Cook’s Buses to drastically reduced their schedule, cancelling their anti-clockwise service and Sunday run.

For as long as he’s been a builder Reikorangi Ellison, above left,  dreamed of moving home to Rarotonga and starting his own construction company.

Lockdown in NZ hospital

Monday April 06, 2020

Tupapa’s Julia Evans flew from Rarotonga to Christchurch to give birth to their baby. By the time she went into labour, Christchurch was going into full lockdown.

Government is in talks to provide land for a Fijian community cemetery, as the Covid-19 pandemic and travel bans mean it will not be possible to send bodies home to their families.

Hand sanitiser is expected to go up in price as demand outstrips supply.

Twenty-one years’ experience in nursing – but nothing can prepare you for a health response of the scale the world is embarking on this month.

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