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The graduation of the second cohort of the First Line Management programme was celebrated on Friday as well the graduation of a number of students who completed National Certificate Courses in 2016. 


Nineteen Ministry of Health staff graduated on February 24 with the National Certificate in Business – First Line Management Level 3.

A further seven Ministry of Health students graduated with a Diploma in Nursing.

In cooperation with the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI), the staff completed the 22-week training course from July 2016 to December 2016 with Sharyn Paio as tutor.

To complete the course, employees undertook a combination of in-class open-book and work-placed assessments, where the tutor or supervisor at work assessed  staff on the application of what they had learned in school to the work environment. 

The course provided participants, who are all team leaders, supervisors and managers in the ministry, further enhancement of their knowledge and skills associated with first line management.

Unit standards included giving instructions, listening and responding to feedback on performance, managing interpersonal conflicts, behaving according to organisational requirements, knowledge and demonstration of leadership, management of change, performance management, working as a team and report writing - all of which are relevant to the roles of the staff of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health graduates for 2017 were:

Temarama Anguna, Kelly Bullivant, Metuaangai College, Kathryn Davies, Charlie Emmanuela, Clemency Goldie, Rongo Ingaua, Roana Mataitini, Dr Yin Yin May, Tae Nootutai, Joyce Sakai, Karen Tairea, Rouruina Taraare, William Taripo, Pa Tauakume, Claytoncy Taurarii, Teokotai Topa, Regina Tairi and Rufina Tutai

They join seven ministry employees: Danny Areai, Tuaine Unuia, Lagaau Vaevae, Ringi Tumutoa, Dr NiNi Wynn, Ngatamariki Manea, Memory Beniamina who completed the programme as the first cohort in September 2016.

The ministry was also fortunate to have the programme run in Aitutaki and three staff, Tara Toi, Mataiti Pitomaki and Kura Ioane completed and graduated in December 2016.

Describing the benefits of the First Line Management programme, graduates said the ability to establish networks with other students of other ministries/workplaces and to learn from each other in managing staff for any work-related issues was hugely beneficial. The course had also enhanced their reporting skills and the ability to lead and motivate a group of employees to achieve set targets within their respective departments.

“We acknowledge the Secretary of Health for her support and push for continuous professional development for all Ministry of Health staff,” the group said.

Said Health secretary Elizabeth Iro: “our workforce is our most valuable asset and continuous professional development is vital to maintain competencies.  Having this great number of staff complete various programmes with CITTI reinforces Health ministry commitment to ensuring a quality, highly skilled, trained and competent workforce is available now and into the future.”

The graduates thank their tutor Sharyn Paio for guiding them successfully through the course and to CITTI for providing the opportunity to MOH staff to complete the programme.          - Release

Business forum brings busy week for women

Excitement was building on Friday as final preparations were made for a series of activities scheduled to take place this week, including a Women’s Business Forum.

The wide-ranging events will commemorate the annual International Women’s Day to be celebrated on Wednesday, March 8.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been working with the National Council of Women (NCW) and Cook Islands Business and Professional Women Association (BPW) in bringing together women and relevant agencies to discuss the challenges and barriers that affect women’s participation in business and employment and to identify practical solutions that can make a difference for women.

“It will be an exciting week with the parliamentary training for women starting today, followed by a ‘practice parliament’, on Wednesday,” said Internal Affairs secretary Bredina Drollet.

“This will be followed by a one-day Women’s Business Forum on Thursday where we are hoping to have open and honest discussions about the challenges facing women, but more so, identify what can individuals and agencies do to make a difference to assist women better access economic opportunities.”

On Friday the forum will operate as an exposition of support services that are available to women looking to enter business as well as a trade fair for women to exhibit their products.

“We have been encouraged by the support of BPW who will have a central role to play in the business forum and we thank Rangi Johnson and Teina Mackenzie for their active interest in the preparation of this event.”

On International Women’s Day, March 8, there will be a special breakfast featuring guest speaker, internationally-acclaimed crime writer. Liza Marklund. The event is jointly sponsored by the ministry, parliament and BPW.

The forum will be held at the Rarotongan Resort on March 9 and 10. For further information on the International Women’s Day activities, contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

            - Release


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