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Fears of more strandings

Saturday September 28, 2019

A second beaked whale was found on Muri’s reef yesterday, raising concern of the potential for many more strandings.

Community and friendship between Australian and local girl guides has given way to a noble cause and unexpected adventure in the Cook Islands.

Public meeting as diesel still leaks

Friday September 27, 2019

The location of diesel pipeline leak slowly seeping into Avatiu harbour is thought to be by the Are Tapaeanga shelter at the main entrance on the western side.

The impact of carbon emissions from undersea mining hadn’t previously been assessed, writes Gerald McCormack, from the Natural Heritage Trust. He analyses the risk and advises a precautionary approach.

Climate crisis of conscience

Thursday September 26, 2019

While the world struggles to raise $100 billion for climate action financing, frustrated Pacific leaders focus on future-proofing the islands. Lisa Williams reports from the United Nations in New York.

Hot water kills reef ‘solar panels’

Thursday September 26, 2019

Hidden algae may offer a last hope for coral that is being bleached to death by the warming waters of the climate crisis.

Diesel leak at Avatiu harbour

Wednesday September 25, 2019

The powerful smell of diesel at Avatiu harbour has caused concern that a fuel pipeline is leaking.

‘There were many tears of joy’

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Whale researcher Nan Hauser has been helping stranded whales for 30 years, as part of her research.

Brown’s ‘how dare you’ moment

Wednesday September 25, 2019

The simple secret behind the big climate story – and why Australia 's climate financing won't work. Lisa Williams reports from New York, for Cook Islands News.

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