Latest litter survey results ‘rubbish’

Tuesday November 20, 2018 Written by Published in Environment

Who said picking up and separating your trash wasn’t fun?


Infrastructure Cook Islands have certainly tried to make sorting left-over recycling fun with their recent “Bin it to Win it” completion.

All you had to do was “pimp-up” your existing rubbish bins or get totally creative and build a piece of artwork to shove your waste – showcasing your ability to separate your plastic, from your aluminum and tins, and glass…

If your winning facebook entry of your finished masterpiece uploaded to the ICI page stood-out from the rest you could win flights for a family of 4 to Aitutaki or Air-Raro travel vouchers.

Unfortunately, the amazing efforts of a select few around Rarotonga hasn’t flowed onto the general community going by the latest results of ICI’s week 29 of their survey at the western end of the Nikao Social Centre beach.

An ICI spokesperson said last Friday of the initiative: “travel and other priorities meant we got a bit behind, but today we picked up four weeks’ worth of litter from our 100m stretch of beach.”

It was certainly very disappointing for the ICI cleanup crew with almost 15kg of waste collected, including a significant number of single-use takeaway containers and cutlery.

“We even found two poor little hermit crabs struggling to get out of a plastic cup. A lucky rescue for them today, but what about the rest of the marine species and wildlife that gets tangled in our litter?”

ICI say they hope to see an improvement next time they’re down on the beach completing their survey.

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