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NZ academic to study here

Friday February 02, 2018 Written by Published in Environment

An environmental sociology lecturer from New Zealand will be on Rarotonga later this month to conduct research on the environmental views and values of tourists in the Cook Islands.


Dr Corinna Tucker of Massey University in Palmerston North wants to find out how tourists can be encouraged and supported to take a more environmentally aware and active role in helping to look after the Cook Islands

A frequent visitor to Rarotonga in recent years, she says she wants to see people doing well and the environment being looked after.

While Dr Tucker is aware of existing research into the various environmental pressures facing Rarotonga, she says there is “very little” that focuses on how tourists can be encouraged to take a more active role in helping look after the Cook Islands environment – and this is what she hopes to accomplish with her study.

Staring from February 12, Dr Tucker will be distributing surveys around Rarotonga – through accommodation providers and tourism operators – to gauge tourist attitudes towards the environment.

Dr Tucker will remain based in Rarotonga until mid-June.

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