Reusable bags protect island environment

Wednesday August 31, 2016 Written by Published in Environment

QUALITY meats supplier Prime Foods is beefing up its environmental initiatives by introducing the Prime Foods re-useable bag.


Now in its sixth year of business, the company aims to lead the way as an advocate of responsible environmental business practice, says managing director Daniel Forsyth.

The bags, which became available on Monday for $1.50, will help minimise the use of plastic bags and will be rewarded with a 20c refund each time a customer uses the bag. 

“Simply purchase a Prime Foods branded re-useable bag then the next time you shop and pay for your shopping you gain a 20c refund,” says Forsyth.

“The more customers use their re-useable bag, the more refunds they will get (special conditions apply). The idea is to encourage customers to use alternative solutions and a portion of the revenue will be contributed to further environmental initiatives.

“Used packing boxes (free of charge), will be at the ready to make it easier for customers to transport their purchases.

"It's our duty as a business to continuously seek efforts towards maintaining our beautiful environment so our kids and their kids can enjoy the vista we have now. It’s everyone’s job to be cool about our environment."

Said Te Ipukarea Society technical director Kelvin Passfield: "This is a great initiative and builds on other retailers doing similar things. It’s so good to see a major retailer like Prime Foods doing this."

Prime Foods attended the Motu Moana presentation at Te Ipukarea Society earlier this year to gain knowledge of effective solutions for bio-degradable food trays that can minimise the harmful effects on the environment. Forsyth says the company also plans to investigate further environmental solutions for various areas within its operations and form new connections with local and international environmental services.

“Prime Foods strives to apply responsible business practices throughout all of the services we offer and to maintain integrity when dealing with our valued customers,” says Forsyth.

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