Seabed minerals updates continue

Monday November 12, 2018

Three Seabed Minerals update meetings for the public on Rarotonga ended last Thursday night.

TIS and partners go gardening

Monday November 12, 2018

This weekly column is supplied by Te Ipukarea Society. It deals with conservation and environment matters of interest to the Cook Islands.

Discussions and field trips involving the biological control of economically and environmentally important weeds in the Cook Islands, were held at the Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday and Thursday.

A Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) maritime surveillance aircraft has been based at Rarotonga International Airport for a week, flying patrols in the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone.

Extensive environmental investigations into the state of Muri Lagoon by the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai project team have confirmed that nutrients from on-site wastewater systems are harming the sensitive Muri Lagoon environment.

Noted scientist applauds Marae Moana

Thursday November 08, 2018

Alan Friedlander is currently chief scientist for National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Project, an initiative that focusses on marine protection and raising awareness about why it’s necessary. The project is National Geographic’s largest initiative dedicated to environmental preservation. Friedlander has produced more than 100 scientific publications, 25 book chapters, 10 documentaries, and numerous articles that have been influential in his field. He currently heads the Fisheries Ecology Research Lab at the University of Hawaii.

Papua traffic limited to walkers

Thursday November 08, 2018

The public access restriction caused by Te Mato Vai Stage 2 water intake upgrade work has been lifted on the Papua intake, waterfall site and Papua end of the cross-island walk in Vaimaanga.

Koutu Nui renews tourism concerns

Wednesday November 07, 2018

Koutu Nui has raised renewed concerns about the social and environmental impact from the blooming tourism industry in the Cook Islands.

New seabed minerals laws on way

Tuesday November 06, 2018

The Cook Islands government intends to table new legislation relating to seabed minerals activities in December.

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