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Saturday December 07, 2019 Written by Published in Education
Teuruaa Goldworthy likes writing poems, and prefers to write in Maori. 19120470 Teuruaa Goldworthy likes writing poems, and prefers to write in Maori. 19120470

Apii Takitumu students are writing poetry about what they love most – among them, the ocean, their mothers and, yes, their teachers.


After winning first prize for the Rarotonga schools Te Mire Tiare festival, the students are back into their book work, preparing for Parents day and looking forward to the school holidays.

Eight-year-old Teuruaa Goldsworthy likes writing poems, particularly in Maori: “Writing poems is good for you and its fun.” he says.

Year 5 student Makenna Gribble says, “it’s a good activity and sometimes the poem can reveal things about you; I love writing about animals”.

Marairi Tautu, aged 9, likes to write love poems about her family, “because when you grow up you can become a writer, if you’re writing about your family, you van tell them who you are”.

My beautiful mum
Mariari Tautu, year 4

I love my Mum
She’s beautiful like a rose.
My Mum is kind and amazing
When I need help, she is there.
My Mum has brown eyes like a soft bear
Her hair is brown like her eyes.
I love her and she loves me
She is pretty like a diamond.
My Mum tells funny jokes
I love her.

Love of my Teacher
Teuruaa Goldsworthy, year 3

Helping with my learning
Making me laugh with her jokes
Gives me good homework
Great at maths and more
Makes me happy very much
Sings nice songs with me
Shows me picture books
I do lots of things with them
Teaching me good things

The Ocean
Makenna Gribble, year 5

As the waves hit the shore
I get a wondrous feeling inside,
Listening to the sounds of the ocean
As the waves crash against the reef
As the fish leap out of the water
And splash back in.
When I jump into the sea
I get that cold feeling
That I can’t describe,
Diving under the water
With my eyes wide open I look at all the creations
That the ocean holds.
When I see a small fish swim by
I stare at the awesome patterns,
The beautiful shapes and colours of the coral
Fish, sand and the living creatures in the ocean.
I have always looked at the things all around me
Wondering how it all was created
The marvelous ocean flitters shines and shimmers
How magnificent!



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