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New college buildings working

Monday February 19, 2018 Written by Published in Education
Tereora College principal Tania Morgan in her new office. 18021214 Tereora College principal Tania Morgan in her new office. 18021214

Just three weeks into the new school year, Tereora College is making great use of its new building facilities.


Students and staff of the national college are excited to be working and learning in the new school buildings.

Stage one of the Tereora College Redevelopment Plan completed the construction of the new administration/research centre and technologies buildings.

Principal Tania Morgan said it had been a great start to 2018 and the students have got straight into their learning.

“There are still a few things that we are working through in terms of the new buildings - how everything fits together and the best way to make use of the facilities we have,” she said.

Morgan said all the new buildings and resources are being very well used since the opening two weeks ago.

“Students are utilising all the rooms within the technology building and we have made great use of the new seminar room.

The seminar room that seats 150 people is being used every day.

Morgan says it is being used for staff briefings every morning as well as the English classes utilising it for their film study.

“Statistics and Calculus classes are also being held in the seminar room as there are a lot of students taking those subjects,” Morgan said.

With the school’s new building facilities, there are a number of areas that Morgan says can be utilised for students that aren’t going off to university overseas.

“Perhaps they can do some online papers at the school.

We would want to extend and make our facilities available to these students too,” she said.

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