Primary students back into school routine

Monday February 12, 2018 Written by Published in Education
St Joseph Primary School elected its 2018 prefects and student leaders this week. 18020901 St Joseph Primary School elected its 2018 prefects and student leaders this week. 18020901

St Joseph Primary School is back into full swing this year after two weeks of pupils settling back into school after the long Christmas-New Year break.


This term, the school is looking at the environment and learning ways of recycling and taking responsibility for their island.

Principal Kathy Nubono says she wants the students to be able to take what they learn at school and apply it in their everyday life.

Students from Year 1 to 6 were engrossed in their school books this week. To develop their English language skills, the Year 2 students have been learning “high frequency” words – the words that come up frequently in day-to-day speech.

Teacher Shelley Berry said the students are each given small cards on which they write a high frequency word.

“The students take the card home and learn it and use it in the conversations as a part of their homework.

“It speeds reading up if they can read these small words really fast,” she said.

Year 3 students were busy writing personal profiles about their lives, while the Year 4 class  pupils were learning how to count in tens as a part of their maths study.

On Thursday this week 23 Year 6 students were appointed to leadership roles.

Eighteen were selected to be school prefects, and five students were chosen as school leaders.

Nubono said the school leaders’ responsibilities include monitoring the library, sports teams and the school bell.

Year 6 teacher Helena Tiere said a prefect’s role was to ensure that each of the students are taken care of.

Ten-year-old Teuraii Macquarie said she felt happy to be elected a prefect.

“I feel like I carry a bit of responsibility for my school now.

“I am looking forward to helping lead the school with my school friends and classmates.”  Another new prefect, Maroi Roumanu said she felt proud of her achievement and is excited to help serve her school.

“My goal this year is to look after the class that I have been elected prefect for.”

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