Online tax returns quicker and faster Don’t waste time, just file online.

Wednesday November 11, 2015 Written by Published in Economy

The Revenue Management Division has been working hard to alleviate sress and complications for local people wanting to pay their VAT and PAYE returns.


And now the new “etax” online system allows all registered users to file and pay their VAT and PAYE returns from anywhere, at anytime.

The Revenue Management Division and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management have been looking at strategies such as the new online filing and payment services aiming to make it easier for the taxpaying community to comply with their tax obligations.

The new system was launched at the National Auditorium on Friday and Tax Advisory Officer Chiavanni Le’Mon is excited to see the system be put to good use.

For any questions about the new system contact the Revenue Management Division or Le’Mon directly on 29365.

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