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Roads to be upgraded

Tuesday June 11, 2013 Written by Published in Economy

The 2013-14 budget has allocated $5 million to improve the road from the airport through to Tupapa.

“Additionally we will be committing $5 million in 2013-14 to undertaking the remaining road work for Project City, which will improve the road from the airport through to Tupapa,” said finance minister Mark Brown during his budget speech in Parliament last Thursday.

On Monday, infrastructure secretary Mac Mokoroa said the entire $5 million project, known as Project City 3, is for improving the roads.

He said engineers are still working on final details for the project.

According to 2013-14 budget documents, the road standard is expected to consist of hot-mix asphalt with chip stone surfacing on the back roads.

The project is scheduled to commence later this month upon completion of Project City 2, which involved trenching and laying trunk mains, sub mains, and branch mains for the new town water network.

The Project City 2 -- $2.5 million water upgrade – has been funded by Asian Development Bank.

Once completed, it is expected there will be an improvement in water quality, water flow, and pressure with less leakages.

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