Composers contest being held tomorrow

Wednesday February 06, 2019 Written by Published in Culture

There have been seven registrations confirmed for the anticipated Te Mire ‘Atu composers competition to be held tomorrow at the National Auditorium.


Starting at 7pm, one of the highlights of this cultural song writer’s competition is the 25-year celebration of this event, with a special cake to commemorate the occasion.

Organised by the Cook Islands Music Association (CIMA), images will also be shown on the night acknowledging composers and those who have been involved in the past.

Composers confirmed for the evening are: Dr Jon Jonassen – Tuaine Papatua (singer), Vereara Maeva – Taripo – Kapolani Purua (singer), Glassie Matata - Mata Manavaroa (singer), Kati Unuia – Andrew George (singer), Papatua Papatua - Elisabeth Pitomaki (singer), Toka Toka – Poureva Maea (singer) and Diya Jonassen – Merle Pukerua (singer).

CIMA encourages schools and communities to come along and support the evening, tickets are affordable, children aged up to 12 years cost $2 to enter, and for adults $5.

Executive members of the CIMA are: president Keu Mataroa, vice-president Pastor Ngarima George, secretary Nga Teao-Papatua, committee members are Robert Brown and Janette Brown representing the Ministry of Culture.

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