Cook Islands intellectual property framework under development

Thursday November 06, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Cook Islands intellectual property framework under development

WORLD INTELLECTUAL Property Rights Organisation representatives will be conducting a scoping mission in the Cook Islands as part of its assistance in the development of an Intellectual Property Framework for the Cook Islands. 

The team will be holding a range of meetings with Government Officials, agencies, industries, private sector and the general public.

There will be opportunities to listen to and provide feedback to the team, and there will also be opportunities to arrange private meetings with them also. 

The group will first meet with the National IP Committee (NIPC) on Monday November 10 and government officials on Tuesday 11.

A presentation for the business and industry sectors will be held on Wednesday 12 from 10am to 12 noon and from 1pm onwards – one-on-one sessions with the team will be available.

The general public are invited to the teams open presentation on Thursday 12 from 10am onwards before their final wrap up on Friday 14.

All presentations by the visiting team will be held at the National Auditorium.

All are invited, and please ensure you attend the presentations for your sector or area of interest to contribute to the discussions relevant to your sector. 

For One-on-One meetings, these can be arranged directly with the World Intellectual Property Rights Organisation team following their presentations.

For further information contact Terai Joseph on 20125 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further direction.  

Intellectual property (IP) rights are legally recognised exclusive rights to creations of the mind. 

Under intellectual property laws, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works, discoveries and inventions and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. 

Common types of intellectual property rights include copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, trade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets.

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