Creation stories on Te Maeva Nui stage

Friday August 01, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Oire Nikao youth front and centre for their ute. 14073147 Oire Nikao youth front and centre for their ute. 14073147

Sharing the creation of kiriau (wild hibiscus) costume making combined with synchronised hip and hand movements by Enuamanu ura pau performers was one of the highlights of Wednesday night’s Te Maeva Nui cultural show.

As secretary of cultural development Sonny Williams promised – each night’s performances are topping the previous night’s shows.

Vaka Takitumu began the night’s show was a sensual action song dedicated to the natural beauty of the three villages in the vaka while Oire Nikao brightened up the stage with their ute singing wearing the old style kikau frond ei katu threaded with frangipani.

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Enua Mitiaro were a whirl on stage and the dancers clearly loved their fast beat drum dance performance.

Enua Mauke wowed the crowd with their beautiful action song after the short break followed by a lively Mangaia ute and topped off with the energetic Atiu ura pau.

Tonight is the final evening of performances where Enua Mangaia will perform their action song, Atiu sing their ute and Vaka Puaikura lift the tempo with their drum dance.

They will be joined by Aitutaki performing their action song, Vaka Takitumu singing their ute and Oire Nikao finishing up with their drum dance.

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Don’t miss out on the final night of cultural shows at the Are Karioi. 

Performers will find out how the judges rated their nightly show after Monday’s official constitution day commemorations.


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