‘You are being watched’: Police warn speeding drivers following crash

Tuesday September 29, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
The remains of the motorbike involved in the Saturday night crash. Police/20092704 The remains of the motorbike involved in the Saturday night crash. Police/20092704

Police have issued a warning to speeding and dangerous drivers: “You are being watched”.

This warning comes after a horrific accident on Saturday night landed a 40-year-old man in hospital in critical condition.

The male, who is believed to be a foreign worker, was driving a motorbike and collided with an incoming Toyota Landcruiser in Muri.

He was hospitalised and as of yesterday he remained in the intensive care unit under close observation by the medical staff.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said the investigation into the forensics of the crash and the blood test results from the people involved in the crash were yet to be confirmed.

With just two more days until the compulsory helmet law kicks in, last weekend’s road crash has once again highlighted the importance of wearing a helmet.

Cook Islands Road Safety Council president Danny Mataroa says: “It is time to put our helmets on for the rest of our lives.”

However, Mataroa added having a helmet is only part of the solution.

He said speeding and drinking are the main problems.

Mataroa said it was time to address the issues of drinking and speeding.

Trevor Pitt said a few people had to be warned about their driving over the weekend, following complaints by witnesses.

“Anyone who encounters a speeding or dangerous driver should report it to the police to follow up,” he said.

Pitt said their frontline emergency services, particularly Te Marae Ora health ministry and the police, can ill-afford the strain on resources to cater to serious trauma as a result of speeding, and also alcohol. 

“Our authorities are already dealing with a community environment of quarantine supervision and the risks that motorists continue to take are an unnecessary pressure, which could turn even more tragic for our community, as well the victims,” he said.

Incidents over the weekend, police say particularly on Saturday also included a fight that took place outside a prominent nightclub. The two males involved are being investigated and charges are likely to follow.

Other incidents reported to police were alcohol-related as well as a number of noise complaints.

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