12-months jail term for damaging parents property

Monday December 16, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Okirua Manuela who was charged for frequently damaging his parent’s property has been sentenced to 12-months imprisonment.

Manuela who had been remanded for three months was sentenced by Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata.

Manuela admitted to charges of four counts of wilful damage, unlawfully found, contempt of court and escape from custody and four counts of breaching probation orders.

Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to the charge of damaging his father’s tractor and also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of damaging the windscreen of his parent’s vehicle.

Senior sergeant Fairoa Tararo had said that Manuela continued to reoffend and he not only damaged his parents’ properties but the general public as well.

JP Temata said in the issue of reparation, Manuela’s mother would like reparations for the damages caused by Manuela as she has suffered a lot due to his actions.

Temata ordered that upon serving jail time, Manuela will be under probation supervision on the condition that he pays reparation of $4,619.40 to his parents and $2800 to another two victims.

She said Manuela had to be made accountable for what he did and is also ordered not to leave Rarotonga without the approval of the court and to attend counselling.


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