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Drink drivers continue to flout law

Saturday December 22, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Drunk drivers are continuing to abuse the law on our roads, in spite of continual warnings from police.


Cook Islands Police Service spokesman Trevor Pitt says despite the record number of crashes and fatalities this year, drivers are not considering the risks to themselves and innocent people.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, officers arrested a driver, charging him with excess breath alcohol. “He was locked up awaiting court,” Pitt said.

“At some point the messages must get through. However, so far, it's not looking likely.”

Meanwhile, police are anxious to connect at least 20 motorcycles with their registered owners in order to clear up the clutter around the headquarters compound in Avarua, Pitt says.

“The bikes need to be claimed and moved out as there is an expectation of more vehicles being confiscated in the coming days due to continual driver violations, such as failing to wear a helmet and drink-driving.”

CINews did a quick check yesterday on the main road through Avarua and spotted numerous young people riding motorcycles without wearing safety helmets. However, this is by no means an unusual situation, with police taking a random approach to who gets hit with a traffic fine, and who doesn’t.

Carrying passengers on the back of trucks in an unsafe manner is also said to be illegal, but numerous instances can be seen on Rarotonga roads every day.

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