Incidents reported to police on the rise

Wednesday August 22, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The total number of incidents reported to the Cook Islands Police Service last month has exceeded the number for the previous month.

An overview of Cook Islands Police figures for July shows that the service fielded 363 reported incidents. The June figure was 259, while the figure for the previous month, May, was 247.

“These figures provide some indication of the demands for responsiveness placed on the Police Service in dealing with incident reports each month,” said police spokesman Trevor Pitt.

He said the distinction between reported offences and incidents reported that turned out not to be offences also showed a corresponding increase over the previous figures.

“For example, in July, the total number of incidents recorded as offences was 132, or 36 per cent of the total of incidents reported.

“These offences ranged from assaults to wilful damage. The most numerous breaches were motor vehicle crashes at 28, domestic violence incidents at 19, burglaries at 16, thefts at 15, and contempt of court at 11.

“In June, offences reached 101, or 39 per cent of the total number of incidents reported. In May, there were 92 offences, or 37 per cent of the total number of incidents reported.”

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