Firearms training in Nikao

Wednesday July 11, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Police Commissioner Maara Tetava has assured public that firearms training which started yesterday at the Police Firing Range in Nikao is part of their ongoing programme.

Tetava in a statement yesterday issued an alert to the public that officers will be conducting firearms training over the next four weeks at the Police Firing Range.

He said the training was part of the ongoing programme of assistance provided by New Zealand Police.

Teams of officers are involved in the training, which is being assisted by specialist training personnel from New Zealand Police, the statement said.

The training at the Range will run during weekdays for four weeks at scheduled times.

“The alert is being issued due to the likelihood of a higher level of gunfire noise, emanating from the Range,” the statement said.

“For this round of training, there is an increase in the volume of personnel involved resulting in a higher degree of gunfire at the location.”

Cook Islands Police confirmed all the residents in the immediate vicinity and nearby have been personally approached and consulted. 

“The Police Service would appreciate the continued cooperation of all the neighbouring residents and the general public, during this training.”                                                            

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