Crashes and an arrest mar the weekend

Tuesday June 26, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Driving behaviour on Rarotonga at the weekend was marred by three road incidents and one arrest for drunkenness and obscene language directed at hospital staff and the police.


Early on Saturday morning, a crash was reported to the police on the back road of Nikao, involving a motorcycle driver. As a result of the crash, the driver was admitted to hospital with abrasions and head injuries, a police spokesman said.

Shortly before 1am on Sunday a motorcycle crash near the SDA Church in Takuvaine was reported to the police. The driver fled from the scene, abandoning the motorbike with the ignition key still in it. Police are investigating the matter.

In the early hours of Sunday morning near Club Raro, a man involved in a crash on the main road was reported to be causing trouble to traffic.

Under the influence of alcohol, he was transported to hospital for medical exanimation but became abusive to staff and police after being discharged. The man was arrested.

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