Police praise flood victims’ efforts

Thursday April 12, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The Police Service has praised the efforts of individuals and business owners for using their initiative to secure themselves and their property during the night of heavy flooding on Monday.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said many island residents had taken matters into their own hands to ensure their safety.

“Police did not receive any urgent requests for help, which may be an indication of how well people coped. Also, there were no reported road incidents, reflecting greater care being exercised,” Pitt said.

“Police officers were involved in providing warnings to motorists for extra caution. Two successive shifts of police were directly engaged in monitoring and assessing situations at multiple locations, including Nikao, Avatiu, and Muri areas (Avana, Aroko). Police acknowledge this weather was unprecedented and unexpected.”

Pitt said certain areas had handled the deluge better than others and the floodwater had receded quite swiftly. 

Police sought help from Infrastructure Cook Islands for machinery to clear blockages at Avatiu/Punanga Nui Market at around 10.30pm on Monday.

“ICI kicked into gear with contacting DPM (Teariki Heather) and mobilising resources to assist people at Aroko and also Little Poly. T&M Heather also involved in helping to assist flooded areas where people needed help,” an ICI spokesperson said.

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