Alcohol factor in weekend issues

Tuesday May 16, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

While police did not have a busy weekend, it would have been even quieter if people had not been drinking.


Two of four vehicle accidents involved the drivers being under the influence of alcohol, two of three domestic violence incidents police put down to drinking, and a loud party resulted in officers being called out. And alcohol was involved with a burglary in Ngatangiia where drink was taken by a thief.

The road accident happened at about 10.52pm on Friday.

Police responded to a callout of a motor vehicle crash in Ruatonga where a car had collided with a tree and overturned on the road.

There were five people in the vehicle, but no reports of serious injuries.

Police say alcohol was involved and they are still investigating the matter.

At about 12.56pm on Saturday a smash was reported between a pick-up truck and a car on the main road in Titikaveka. Damage was sustained by the car. Police say there were no injuries to the drivers, although one person is to appear before the High Court later in the week.

A little over two hours later a cyclist was hurt in a crash at the Avarua roundabout. The incident – between the rider and a car - was reported to police.

The cyclist, who was competing in the triathlon, received a fractured collarbone and broken ribs. He was admitted to hospital.

Police investigations into the matter are continuing.

At about 5.50pm on Saturday a motorcyclist had a crash in Inave. Police say the motorcyclist was under the influence of alcohol and was medically examined for injuries sustained. Investigations into this matter are ongoing.

Police responded to three incidents of family violence over the weekend.

One incident reported was from the village of Ngatangiia, while two were from Tupapa.

Two of these incidents were alcohol-related. Police have dealt with these three matters.

Once again, the police are asking for people to be watchful of any violence in the home.

They say there are agencies ready to assist anyone experiencing domestic violence and recommend that victims, or potential victims, contact them for assistance.

At 10.45am on Sunday someone broke into accommodation in Ngatangiia and stole alcohol from the resident there. Police are hunting the burglar.

And police are again calling for people hosting parties to be considerate of their neighbours late at night. A complaint of excessive noise was made in Inave, Arorangi, where very loud music was being played.

Police say they would like to remind the community that when planning to hold any private functions to consider the peace of neighbours. A simple notification to your neighbours of your intentions and a time when the event shall end are reasonable things to do, they say.

“Consider parking as well and preventable measures to ensure that property and vehicle theft is eliminated.”

Police responded to one incident of motorcycle theft early on Saturday morning.

The vehicle was taken while it was parked at Taputapuatea.

Police say investigations into the theft are continuing in a bid to recover the vehicle.

            - Richard Moore/CIPS

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