Thieves target night market vendor

Tuesday February 14, 2017 Written by Published in Crime
Some of the items stolen from Ray’s Hut last week include the burner and wok pictured. 17021311 Some of the items stolen from Ray’s Hut last week include the burner and wok pictured. 17021311

A Muri night market vendor has been left disappointed after thieves broke into his stall and stole some of his vital cooking utensils.

 Ray Roumanu, who runs the well-known Ray’s Hut, suffered a loss of about $500 from the robbery late last week.

It is the second time his stall has been targeted – the last time, someone walked away with a filled gas bottle, leaving behind an empty one.

Items stolen in the recent break-in include a filled gas bottle, a new burner, a wok, serving spoons and a lead wire for the light.

“We closed the stall early on Wednesday and on Thursday, we remained closed because of rain,” Roumanu said.

“I locked up my stuff nicely and covered it up with a carpet which I bought for $800 to ensure my items were secured.

But on Sunday when my worker went to set up the stall, he noticed the carpets had been removed and the locks were tampered with, and some important items were missing.”

Roumanu had to borrow replacements for the missing items to set up his stall that evening.

He had to also buy a new burner to keep his business open this week.

“I had prepared everything so I had to open on Sunday. It takes a lot of effort to run food stalls,” he said.

“This is my livelihood. My family depends on this and to experience such a thing is heartbreaking.

We are trying to make a living here and there are some people who go around wrecking all our efforts.”

Roumanu wants the public to be aware there are people in the community stealing from others.

“If the person who took my stuff reads this, I would like to request him or her to please return my stuff. I’m ready to forgive. Maybe they need the things more than I do.

But it would be rather nice if they could ask rather than steal.”

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