Call for public to help in sex attack inquiry

Saturday February 04, 2017 Written by Published in Crime
Maara Tetava Maara Tetava

Police are continuing their investigations into a series of sex attacks in Matavera over recent weeks and are calling for more public help.

“People must call in if they have information, or suspect anything,” says Police Commissioner Maara Tetava.

“Our people may think that what they have is irrelevant, but it may be the little clue that we have been waiting for.

“We may have got the majority of what we need, but you may have the little piece that could tie in the offender so it’s important.”

Tetava says: “People entering people’s homes is a big concern and we take that seriously.”

He says he believes the intrusions are sinister and wants to catch the culprit, or culprits.

“I think it is people who have got nothing better to do than get into people’s homes and be a nuisance. I can’t say at the moment, but it could be the same person.”

Since the CI News revealed two instances of an intruder sexually assaulting women in Matavera, six police officers have been door-knocking and conducting inquiries around in the area.

The officers have gone house-to-house and they are checking other leads that police say may lead to other crimes around the island being solved.

A story in CI News said that a woman had woken to find a man – his face hidden by a t-shirt, standing over her. She said he touched her shoulder and breast. He then asked her if she wanted sex, to which she replied: “No!”

She added the intruder seemed surprised by the response.

The victim described him as being a local, although with a New Zealand accent, in his mid-20s and about 5’7” in height.

She said he was wearing a wedding ring on his left hand.

The commissioner says: “We have some leads and we are working on that. We have eliminated some people that we thought could have been responsible for the attacks, but that doesn’t mean they are completely clear.

“If we get more information that the same people that we suspecting are the ones who did it we will get back to them.”

And he reiterates his call for public assistance.

“All we are asking is that if people have information that can help us then they should tell us.

“We can’t be everywhere and are not out in the community all the time. So we need people to be our eyes and ears. 

“If you do know anything that will help us with this – tell us.”

“We equally have a role to play in this. We both can stop this from happening. We need help and information.”

He says: “Before we can arrest and prosecute someone we have to be able to prove it in court - beyond reasonable doubt, that they are the ones who are responsible.

“Suspicion doesn’t mean much at all if we can’t prove that they are the ones who did it … beyond reasonable doubt.”

And the country’s top policeman says: “I am determined to get this person. We have to stop it from happening in our community and we will do the best we can. But I want more help.”

Police say any information given to them will remain anonymous. They can be reached by telephone on 22499.

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