Police confiscate 22 vehicles

Monday April 18, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

Twenty-two people were forbidden from driving and had their vehicles confiscated by the police over the weekend.


The confiscations come despite continuing efforts by police on clamping down on drink-driving on Rarotonga.

In a statement, Detective Inspector Areumu Ingaua said most of the cases police attended to were alcohol-related.

Common assault cases and fighting in a public place topped the complaints police received over the weekend.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, police attended “scuffling” at the Hideaway Night Club.

Ingaua said those involved were identified as young people from one of the outer islands staying at one of the hostels in Tupapa.

“They were dealt with accordingly.”

Another assault incident took place at 2.43am on Saturday morning in the Rehab night club parking area.

“It was alleged that the victim was sitting inside his car when out of nowhere, the offender approached and punched him on the face. An investigation into this matter is pending,” Ingaua said.

On Saturday morning, police attended a third incident. The victim had been drinking with colleagues after work the day before, when the offender created what police described as “a problem.”

“It is alleged that the victim was later assaulted,” Ingaua said. This matter is currently under investigation.

Police also investigated a burglary incident over the weekend at Tupapa Maraerenga. 

“As a result of the break-in, some damage was done to a building,” Ingaua said.

Police are working closely with the owner regarding missing property. The matter is being referred to the CIB division.”

A motorcycle was reported missing from outside a garden bar on Friday. The machine had not been recovered at the time CI News went to print and police are continuing to investigate the theft.

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents should call Cook Islands Police Service on 22499.

“All information received is strictly confidential,” Ingaua said.


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