42 criminal cases in the High Court

Monday February 29, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands High Court Justice of Peace John Whitta dealt with 42 criminal cases in the High Court on February 25. Here are some of the details.


Marsterton Enjoy was charged with one count of contempt of court and an application for name suppression from his defence counsel, Norman George, was denied. Whitta adjourned the matter to March 31.

Teina Kata Tekoronga, represented by defence counsel Mark Short, was charged with one count of assault on a female. Short requested an adjournment as he was yet to receive disclosures. The matter was adjourned to March 24.

Puretu Enoka appeared on one count of threatening to kill or cause grievous bodily harm. She was represented by defence counsel Wilkie Rasmussen who told the court the victim had withdrawn his complaint. The case was adjourned to March 3.

David George Taraare appeared on one count of assault on a female. The defendant’s defence counsel, Norman George, told the court his client was ready to enter a guilty plea on the condition that the defendant would have to come up to court after six months for sentencing. George said the victim was ready to withdraw the case. Senior Police Prosecutor Fairoa Tararo requested that the matter be dealt with instantly. JP Whitta told Taraare to pay $30 court costs and to come up to court for sentencing if called upon.

Teikamata Pareanga was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, three months’ community service and three months of counseling when she appeared for sentencing on a count of driving while disqualified. She was also ordered to pay $30 court fees.

Exham George pleaded guilty to one count of contempt of court. He was represented by Mark Short. JP Whitta adjourned the case to April 6 for sentencing before three JPs.

Ngatokotoru Kaitara Nicholas was charged with two counts of driving with excess blood alcohol, one count of refusing a breath test, three counts of dangerous driving, two counts of breaching probation conditions, two of contempt of court and one of excess breath alcohol.

He pleaded guilty to all charges and a probation report from prosecution was requested by his defence counsel, Norman George. George requested bail for his client, but this was opposed by the police who said the defendant was likely to offend again. Whitta adjourned the matter to April 14 for sentencing and remanded Nicholas in custody.

Terea Ngatokorua Maruaau was charged with one count of theft and breach of bail conditions. The case was adjourned to March 3 to allow the defendant to seek legal counsel.

Ngatokorua Joshua Tonorio pleaded not guilty to three counts of driving while disqualified and one of refusing to undergo a breathlyser test. Defence counsel Norman George said he was appalled at the police system as his client had been jailed for seven days before being called to appear in court.

 George sought bail for his client, saying Tonorio had to be released so he could return to work and earn for his family. JP Whitta granted bail and adjourned the case to April 14.

Edith Nicholas was sentenced to continue counselling and attend workshops as directed by Probation Services, and must not leave the Cook Islands without the court’s approval.

Whitta said despite her having had a previous conviction some years ago the reasons the defendant had given for having assaulting another woman over her ex-partner were “uncalled-for.” He said she needed to control her anger problems. The court heard that on January 21 Nicholas pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault. Police said that on December 19 last year, Nicholas had approached the victim at an ATM and hit the victim’s head against a wall.

 The victim’s two children had been in a vehicle nearby during the event. 

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