‘The secret ingredient is always love’

Wednesday September 16, 2020 Written by Published in Art
Cake baker Abbygale Samson with one of her beautiful cake creations. 20090901 Cake baker Abbygale Samson with one of her beautiful cake creations. 20090901

Pastry chef Abbygale Samson’s story began in the most unusual way.

She had just given birth to her youngest child and had faced some health issues.

One evening, while trying to sleep but being unable to, she said a prayer.

“When I opened my eyes, all I saw was cakes floating in the air around me,” she says.

“I told my mother the next morning who told me to go next door to my godmother and ask her to write down the ingredients for a cake so I could bake it.”  

Little did she know that this was the beginning of her cake making journey.

Samson then applied for a Human Resources position at a hotel in the Philippines, as she had attended university and studied business management.

The head chef at the hotel saw her, and as if he recognised something in Samson that she couldn’t see at the time, said that she would work in his kitchen – just like that, without any experience!

“All I knew how to bake at the time was a basic sponge cake,” she says.

During the two years while working at this hotel, Samson learned the formal study of cake decorating and everything there was to know about cake making.

This cemented her path to becoming a pastry chef.

Samson’s mother then became ill, so while she took care of her, Samson became a home based baker.

She started her own online business selling cakes.

“With no formal training, I strongly believe this is God’s will for me,” Samson says.

“All that I’ve learned was from experience and I’ve spent the last eight years honing my skill.” 

Adrian, a friend of Samson’s and a fellow pastry chef at the Edgewater Resort and Spa, encouraged her to apply at the Edgewater as a pastry chef.

“And here I am three years later!”

With every new cake order, Samson gets a rush of excitement especially if she has never created anything like it before.

She receives many orders of creative cakes that their customers have found online which at times can be difficult to create, but she enjoys the challenge.

“For me, I find it rewarding when my customers are satisfied with their order – seeing the smiles of happiness and wonder on their faces when they see the cake they envisioned come to life,” she says. 

“My goal is to eventually open my own pastry shop in the Philippines, but until that time comes, I’m happy with where I am now.”

Samson never planned to become a pastry chef, and she never imagined she would come as far as she has in her cake making career.

“I trust that God knows best and it has become my passion, it’s what I love to do,” she says.

And when it comes to giving away some pieces of advice?

“The secret ingredient is always love.”

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