Defence lawyer: ‘This is not a police state’

Thursday January 23, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Senior defence lawyer Norman George has rejected police concerns that repeat burglars are being allowed out on bail to offend again.

He said the concerns, expressed by police spokesperson Trevor Pitt, were a contempt of court.

Pitt had said the police force are being let down by the courts which put recidivist burglars out on the streets again.

He said that Investigators often did a great job under difficult constraints, but the judicial system let them down with constant bail decisions. This cycle of allowed offenders out to reoffend created a lot of pressure. The court should consider the victims and potential future victims, he added.  

Norman George said Pitt had no right to attack the judiciary directly. Their job was to administer justice fairly, impartially and properly. “We are not in a police state to administer the law as the police wishes. All those who appear before the court have guaranteed constitutional rights.”

George said that not all police arrests were valid and justified and some prosecutions, when challenged, would fall apart.

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