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Audrey Brown-Pereira’s new book has a striking cover design. Audrey Brown-Pereira’s new book has a striking cover design.

A new collection of poetry and storytelling has been written Samoa-based poet Audrey Brown-Pereira.  

Eclectic and wide-ranging in mood and tempo, ‘Passages in Between I(s)lands’ navigates between Samoa, the Cook Islands, Aotearoa/New Zealand and the US.

The poems reflect on the politics of family and identity in a rapidly changing Pacific. Audrey is an innovative poet, who uses all elements of text to create colour and volume. 

Passages in Between I(s)lands” is the long awaited follow-up to her first collection with artist Veronica Vaevae, “Threads of Tivaevae: Kaleidoskope of Kolours” published in 2002.  

“Passages in Between I(s)lands is really a coming of age collection of poetry for me,” says Audrey. 

“It is different in tone to my first collection ‘Threads of Tivaevae’, which was written before the birth of my daughters. 

“The cover of this collection is also symbolic, as it is painted by my uncle Ian George, who gave me the painting as a 21st birthday gift and it now hangs in my daughters’ room.” 

Audrey is of Cook Island Maori and Samoan descent, born in Rarotonga and raised in New Zealand. She lives in Samoa with her husband and their two daughters. 

Her poetry appears in anthologies “Whetu Moana” and “Mauri Ola” edited by Albert Wendt, Robert Sullivan and Reina Whaitiri. 

She has performed at the New Zealand Fringe Festival and Poetry Parnassus in London.  A graduate of Auckland University, Audrey has just completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies at the National University of Samoa and will continue into the Masters programme. 

Passages in Between I(s)lands” is published by Ala Press in Hawaii and is available from Amazon.  

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