While the rest of the world locked down against Covid-19, Carlie Paterson and Coral Seath have been spending their days basking in the sun, swimming with the turtles and hiking in the jungle-clad mountains. Not too shabby.

The pull of the tide

Saturday August 08, 2020

Late at night once a month, whether it’s warm or cold, a small group of people gather quietly on the beach at Muri. They talk, then they walk into the lagoon and dive below the surface. What drives these Full Moon Swimmers? 

Infrastructure Cook Islands has poured energy and resources into fixing up roads, bridges and culverts this year, to protect homes and businesses from regular and devastating floods. This week’s one-in-four-years record downpour was the big test. 

Taking the family out sailing on Aitutaki lagoon with Captain Ted Tavai is a reminder of just how lucky we are – and how important it is to value that by supporting our local businesses.

Local fishermen are struggling to make a buck with the tourists gone – but it is large-scale fisheries that could yet help the country get back on its feet again. 

Earrings from used plastics; packaging from used toilet rolls. Rebecca Jim tells Rashneel Kumar how she is selling a clean dream to customers overseas.

A Nazi spy in the Cook Islands?

Saturday August 01, 2020

With Hitler having just seized power in Germany, and tensions rising across Europe, Mangaia residents were understandably suspicious of the sandy-haired, Luger-carrying Nazi sympathiser who turned up on their island.

Helping people is reward enough

Saturday July 25, 2020

Growing up, nursing was always Rangi Matapo’s ambition.

Award-winning tourism operator Chantal Napa barely paused for breath after the travels bans shut down her business; now she has launched a Cook Islands podcast with US business partners Haydn Adams. Rashneel Kumar conducts a three-way trans-Pacific interview with the podcasters.

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