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The exciting tastes of Atiu are spreading beyond the island, thanks to an innovative and flourishing food venture launched by a local husband and wife team.

Going on a Turtling Safari...

Saturday October 06, 2018

As a small lad I remember being reduced to tears by documentary footage of baby turtles - just hatched from eggs – struggling to make it to the nearby ocean across a very wide expanse of sand.

Rod Rixon concludes his fascinating look at the history of cinema in the Cook Islands.

The movies come to Rarotonga

Saturday September 22, 2018

While the exact date has become lost in the mists of time, the arrival of moving pictures on Rarotonga in the early years of last century made a huge impact on life on the island. USP director Rod Dixon wrote this fascinating feature, which outlines the history of "the movies" on Rarotonga.

The mystery of Elizabeta Pitiman

Saturday August 25, 2018

The 2018 Oceania exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts opens in London on September 29, bringing together 250 Pacific works of arts to celebrate the 250th anniversary year of Captain Cook’s first exploration of the Pacific. Included among the exhibits is a tapa cloth from Rarotonga with an interesting story. Local researchers Rod Dixon and Mike Tavioni, wrote this feature, which provides background information on the cloth for its current owner, the University of Cambridge.     

Poe tiare oki koe noku

Saturday August 18, 2018

The words of the above popular local song, which was also one of her favourites, are a fitting tribute to Essie Apolonia Mokotupu, a woman who was loved by many and who gave much love in return.

This week was Cook Islands Language Week in New Zealand, with centres all around the country celebrating Cook Islands Language and Culture. This feature, written by Luke Kirby, appeared in the Waikato Times earlier this week. It is reprinted with the permission of the Stuff news website.

Italian Tiziana Margarito has been living in the Cook Islands for three years. Based in Rarotonga where she works as a travel agent, Margarito spends her free time exploring the outer islands. Last weekend, she visited Mangaia for the first time and documented her experience in this article

A CITC trip down memory lane

Thursday July 19, 2018

I’m picking Robin Bullen is a bit of a character.

You can see it in his mercurial smile and his eyes. There’s a hint of mischief – well, fun anyway.

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