Keeping the lines of communication open

Monday March 30, 2020 Written by Published in Weekend
 Marie Francis of Solutions Cook Islands Limited. 20032016. Marie Francis of Solutions Cook Islands Limited. 20032016.

Marie Francis from Solutions Cook Islands Limited advises people not to stress – even in the coronavirus crisis.


Nothing is too small or too big for Solutions Cook Islands Limited; like drafting a letter to land successions.

Founder of the company and mediator Francis said they provide professional and administrative services ranging from employment, immigration, legal work, land research, staff training, administration projects and more.

“When a person or a business has a problem or an issue that they need assistance with, we can have a look from an outside objective and perspective and come up with options and help implement them,” she said.

“Rather than getting full time staff, we can bring people in depending on what skills are required. We have great law firms here, but not everyone feels that they have a legal problem that they want to take to a law firm, to actually engage in a litigation level.”

She believes early intervention is best.

“If people feel like they need a hand with something, I can help with negotiations and try and resolve it using mediation skills, to identify the matter and try and resolve it.”

During these extraordinary times, Francis said mediation is a way of getting things resolved, especially with a crisis such as Covid-19.

Businesses, employers and employees will be going through a lot of anxiety and stress with the coronavirus pandemic going on.

When restructuring, it is best to keep the lines of communication open and to be flexible, said Francis.

“Try mediating first, it’s quicker, cheaper,” she said.

And knowledge and understanding of the community is essential, she said.

“We are all connected in this community, it’s important for us to be able to resolve things ourselves instead of always relying on a court or a judge to sort out our problems,” Francis said.

“Sometimes people here think they have to look overseas for expert advice, we actually have very intelligent, skilled and capable people here in our own community.

“The Cook Islands is unique in terms of our needs here, it’s better to have Cook Islanders who are here who understand what our needs are and how our community relates to each other, so we can provide our own services to our own people.”

Francis has 20 years of experience in mediation and has worked with the department of labour in New Zealand.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, we can have a look at it and get the right people in.”

Don’t let stress take over you. Call Marie Francis on 56088.

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