Adventure shack based in handy Muri location

Monday November 07, 2016 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Ariki’s Shack owners Kave and Julie Tamaariki have put a lot of hard work into their new venture. 16110314 Ariki’s Shack owners Kave and Julie Tamaariki have put a lot of hard work into their new venture. 16110314

NEW ADVENTURE booking hut Ariki’s Shack was officially opened on Monday this week in Muri


Owner’s Julie Tamaariki (known as Jules). and her husband Kave Tamaariki have been on the island for the past two years and run Ariki Bungalows and Ariki Adventures.

They have been operating the businesses from the holiday accommodation business in Muri.

They’ve been looking for ways run the adventures company separately from the bungalows business for some time, searching for a place they could take bookings for their tours.

The search ended when they found what is now known as Ariki’s Shack.

“Operating Ariki Adventure bookings from home wasn’t desirable as we had visitors coming up to Ariki Bungalows wanting to book tours,” Julie said.

Maria File, an artist and family member, suggested a location in front of her art gallery in Muri.

“We thought it was a great idea.” Julie says.

Kave built the shack and she did the basic painting of the walls while File designed the painted scenes.

Julie said they got straight into work after getting consent from the landowners to use the land.

“Many people didn’t know the art gallery was here because the fence was really high, so we have cut it all down and opened up the area.”

Ariki’s Shack is not only used as a booking office for adventures and tours but also serves as a mini café.

The two are expecting their new espresso coffee machine to arrive next week but in the meantime are producing cold brew coffee.

Cold brew is basically made using a process where a drip of cold water goes through the coffee every second, producing a coffee concentrate that can be diluted with water or milk and served hot or over ice. It is 70 per cent less acidic than ordinary coffee.

Julie says no-one else on the island is using the cold brew process and the coffee the tall glass machine produces is delicious.

Standard coffees, iced coffees, iced teas and soon, scones and muffins will also be on sale before long.

“It will provide a place where people can relax, have a coffee or tea and check out their tours,” says Julie

The shack is daily except on Saturdays when they relocate to the Punanga Nui market.

The couple is also looking into opening Ariki’s Shack during the popular Muri night markets to cater for passing foot traffic. 

Julie says they create their adventures from feedback they receive from tourists.

“We find ways of providing entertainment by talking to tourists on holiday.

“People want to do different things and have fun on the island, so we run adventures such as a guided mountain bike tour, kite boarding, a sea scooter safari and night paddle boarding.

“We have had a lot of locals joining our tours too. We want to cater for both tourists and locals but most of our tours are centred around tourists.”

Julie said the location of Ariki’s Shack is wonderful and the Muri environment is “cool”.

“People are more than welcome to come and check out the shack and Maria’s art gallery or even just relax and have a tea or coffee.”

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