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Room for Christ in your Christmas?

Friday December 21, 2018 Written by Published in Church Talk
For Christians, there is much more to Christmas than the commercial aspects that draw the most attention these days. 18122033 For Christians, there is much more to Christmas than the commercial aspects that draw the most attention these days. 18122033

Not long ago, a professor of psychology at one of the world’s great universities gave a word suggestion test to his class of 40 students.


He instructed them to write the word “Christmas, and all the class did so.

“Now,” said the professor, “right after the word ‘Christmas’, write the first thought that flashes through your mind regarding that day.”

When the papers were turned in, such answers were given as tree, holly, presents, turkey, holiday, carols and Santa Claus, but not one had written Jesus.

Just as there was no room for the baby Jesus in the inn, the question remains whether there is any room for Him today in the celebration of Christmas.

We need to remember that Christmas involves the event which forms the centre and turning-point of the history of the world. It is of all the festivals the one most thoroughly interwoven with family life and values.

It kindles at the end of each year an attitude of love and gratitude. It denotes the advent of the freedom and equality, of all the redeemed before God and in God.

No-one can measure the joy and blessing which from year to year flow upon all ages of life the thought of the holy child Jesus in his heavenly innocence and divine humility gave Himself for us.

May the Christmas cheer remind you of Him who said, “Be of good cheer.”

May the Christmas bell remind you of the glorious proclamation of His mission.

May the Christmas carols remind you of the song the angels sang, “Glory to God in the highest.”

May the Christmas season remind you of God’s great love for you.

A child asked her mother, “Mummy, what makes everybody so happy at Christmas?” “Well, because it is the Lord Jesus’ birthday … and because we love Him … and because we are happy about His coming to this world.”

The child thought a minute and then said, “Then is the Lord happy about you?”

“Oh, little girl, what a question you have asked!”

Is the Lord Jesus happy about us on this Christmas? Is he really happy because He sees within our hearts a deep, true love for Him? Does He see a satisfying love and not just a seasonal affection stirred up by the festivities of Christmas?

What He wants more than anything else on Christmas is the love of our hearts.

Finally, a Christmas candle is a love thing. It makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away, while quite unselfishly, it grows small.

Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year.

Pastor Eliu Eliu

Seventh Day Adventist Church

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