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Monday 5 September 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Local, National


Local surfer at spot x
A local surfer on a wave at spot x, shot by Guy Rencher from Coastal Surf Images. Shot on a Nikon D500 with a 600mm lens. - 22090410

A surf photographer from New Zealand has spent the last couple of months in Rarotonga and has taken the opportunity to snap some pictures of local surfers.

Self-taught photographer, Guy Rencher from Coastal Surf Images said he didn’t know people surfed on the island before coming.

“A lot of people back in New Zealand like myself didn't really know that surfers do surf here, and if they did have an inkling of that, that surfer would have to be very competent,” Rencher said.

“The comments I've heard back home is 'we just thought it was body boarders for the most part because it’s not suitable for stand-up'.

“But getting here now and seeing what I've seen, it's doable. But again, I would tell anyone coming over asking for advice that you have to be competent.

“You couldn't be a beginner or even intermediate at some of those breaks. You've got to be an advanced surfer.”

Rencher said on the day of this photo at “spot x” the waves looking small but started to improve.

“Wave by wave that size just got a little bit bigger each time.”

The photo was taken in mid-July.