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11 November 2022

LETTERS: Religious Advisory Council responds, CIP questions CI News journalism ethics

Tuesday 16 March 2021 | Written by Emmanuel Samoglou | Published in


LETTERS: Religious Advisory Council responds, CIP questions CI News journalism ethics
Maruia Willie (left), Kairangi Samuela and Vanic Teina with the “kakau tapa” at the investiture of Makea Vakatini Phillip Ngamatoa Ariki last year. (PHOTO: MELINA ETCHES) 20112020.

Dear Editor

Ghost questioner on RAC’s (Religious Advisory Council) editorial on 13/03/21 totally lacks perception and discernment and keeps contradicting him/herself all throughout. The tone and mood of all the ramblings is like that of a spoiled and naughty kid been locked up in an attic for a long time. Can’t even tell if a friend or foe, because hiding behind the bush nameless and faceless is a cowardice and con-person’s act.

Our Raro RAC were only responding to a humble request from our RAC in Aitutaki expressing their concern over a Rarotonga RAC member who according to them has somewhat overstepped his mark. Rather than minding his own business (myob) that questioner kept alluding to, he dared put his nose into an Aitutaki local traditional investiture ceremony, like there was no prophet ever at all on the island.

Again questioner alludes to the fact that the same God they have in Aitutaki is the same God we have in Raro, contradicting his/her own self, kind of supporting any prophet from outside of Aitutaki to preside as if there is none on Aitutaki at all, hence no God on Aitutaki either? That was exactly and precisely what was spelled out in both motions and resolutions we had stipulated, to caution and protect our own Raro RAC clergies and hope would shed light on other non-RAC organisations, to not unadvisedly poke noses into outer island religious or traditional protocol services. They need to be cautious at all times, avoid at all cost and as much as possible what is supposed to be strictly and purely Aitutakian or outer island’s prerogative so that it doesn’t cause internal family feuds and conflicts as has always happened so many times in the past.

The same applies to us in Rarotonga, avoid poking our noses into the affairs and businesses carried out in any Vaka or Constituency without seeking sound and decent advice from local authorities from within that particular constituency. It is just simply a matter and case of showing respect, honour and courtesy to our outer island local protocol order of services that certainly do not even take no rocket, banana nor akari scientist to understand.

We continue not just pray but do something that we possibly can for the restoration and retention of peace, unity and harmonious consultations amongst all families and people within our beautiful Ipukarea Kuki Airani.

I close and end on this matter, with divine directives from our God’s Word in 1st Corinthians 14: 33, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.40, Let everything be done decently and in order”.

Kia Orana e kia Manuia rava.

Bishop Tutai Pere

RAC chairman

Lack of wisdom

Dear Editor,

For a Member who has been in this arena for a while, it’s disappointing to see that no wisdom has amassed in Smiley’s (William Heather) aging (CINews, 11/3/21).

Cook Islands Party and the Deputy Prime Minister have no influence on tender awards. Robust selection criteria are listed and adhered to by law and process. An instrument, I add, set in place by the CIP led Government. False accusations speared at a Minister’s directorship in a private company, is Democratic Party’s pathetic resolve at being a responsible opposition.

This calls to question your reporter’s journalism ethics. PERCA and Audit affairs are confidential, expected to be held within closed doors until relevant officials and authorities have vetted the final results. Clearly, there is a serious leak emanating from PERCA. But more importantly the publishing of baseless allegations and details promoted by an unsuccessful Democratic candidate, without verifying the fiction, tarnishes your newspaper’s integrity.

A robust Opposition should be getting behind the people’s efforts to make daily ends meet in these challenging times. To date, grandstanding from behind the skirts of PERCA and Audit will not lessen the global pandemic impacts on our lives.

Pushing for jobs and developing income streams is the only way forward. Government has done its job to sustain economic activity in the infrastructure sector and economic livelihoods for the past 12 months, and will be committed to maintaining as much momentum as our shrinking reserves can cover in the next 12 months. By which time the vaccine rolls out will begin to protect our vulnerable and energetic alike, and the opportunities for our business community to open shop again will flourish.

Tiki Matapo


Cook Islands Party Executive

Editor: Investigations undertaken by PERCA are in the public interest and it’s our responsibility to report those matters fairly and accurately. We believe we have been fair and accurate in reporting the above matter.