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Wednesday 5 October 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Sports, Swimming


Cook Islands Games swim meet wraps up
Swimmers take off in the boiler swim. 22100424

The boiler swim and last swimming event for Cook Islands Games was held in large swells and strong winds on Tuesday.

The wild conditions meant swimmers swam to a buoy on the opposite side of the passage to the boiler - a decision made for the safety of the athletes.

Seychelle Carter swimming for Aitutaki won the women’s event after swimming for 13 minutes and 4 seconds, only four seconds ahead Anais Moana Tierney Quirke swimming for Manihiki.

For the men’s race, Olympian Wesley Roberts swimming for Atiu destroyed his competition finishing after 9 minutes and 45 seconds. He was just over two minutes ahead of 15-year-old Darius Allsworth who swam for Mitiaro.

The women’s race was close the whole way through with the top six women finishing less than a minute between each other.

For the men’s Roberts moved wide of the pack early and swam in the deeper part of the channel, while the rest hugged the reef. The distance he created at the start only grew throughout the race.

Team Atiu celebrates Wesley Roberts’ victory who came in first from the boiler swim with a time of 9 minutes and 45 seconds. 22100413

After winning the women’s event Carter said the race “was horrible”.

“The conditions were really rough and I thought about calling the boats over at least once,” she said.

Carter said she was surprised by the win but was encouraged to swim faster by Quirke who was on her tail the whole time.

Carter said she thought moving the race to the other side of the passage was much safer.

Men’s winner, Roberts said it was choppy but fun.

“I think a lot of people really struggled with turning around outside the reef, it was just really rough.”

Roberts said he swam wide of the group to use the current to his advantage.

“I knew there was going to be current through the wider part so it was better to do that and then come straight down the middle on the way back.”

Roberts said he wanted to do the boiler swim but thought for safety reasons the change was the right call.

The results for the women’s boiler swim are: Aitutaki 1st Seychelle Carter, Manihiki 2nd Anais Moana Tierney Quirke, Aitutaki 3rd Daniella Ardendorff.

The results for the men’s boiler swim are: Atiu 1st Wesley Roberts, Mitiaro 2nd Darius Allsowrth, Aitutaki 3rd Tem Strickland.

The day two (Monday) medal tally for the open division have Mangaia leading with 66 points with nine gold medals, five silver and six bronze. In second equal is Atiu and Aitutaki both with 49 points. Atiu has six gold, five silver and four bronze. Aitutaki has five gold, six silver and six bronze. In fourth is Rarotonga with 24 points with four gold, one silver and one bronze. Fifth is Rakahanga with 17 points with two gold, two silver and one bronze.

For the masters division Mangaia is leading with 34 points with five gold, two silver and three bronze. Mitiaro is second with 32 points with five gold, two silver and 1 bronze, Rarotonga is third with one gold, three silver and two bronze.

For Youth Mangaia leads with 55 points with four gold, 10 silver and five bronze. Mitiaro is in second with 53 points with nine gold, two silver and two bronze. Rarotonga is in third with 31 points with two gold, three silver and two bronze.