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Monday 6 November 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Football, Sports


Late penalty gives Tupapa victory
Tupapa defeated Nikao 2-1 in an exciting top of the table clash on Saturday. CIFA MEDIA/23110511

The match of the week saw football fans gather at the home of Cook Islands Football, CIFA, to witness a pulsating battle between premier men’s giants Nikao Sokattak FC and Tupapa Maraerenga FC on Saturday.

Fans from both teams filled the complex in Matavera with excitement and anticipation, as these powerhouse teams were expected to give their all on the field.

Nikao got the match underway but it wasn’t long before tensions rose as a handball from one of their players gave Tupapa a free kick.

The crowd fell silent as they watched the ball soar through the air but the attempt was magnificently saved by Nikao’s goalkeeper who managed to tap the ball away in a stunning display of skill and reflexes.

The deflection led to a corner kick for Tupapa. Aki Tairi stepped up to take the kick, executing a beautiful curve that found a teammate whose header sliced through Nikao’s defenses and found its way into the back of the net.

As cheers erupted from Tupapa’s supporters, the unexpected goal in under a minute of the match completely flipped expectations, and all eyes were now on Nikao to see how they would respond to this setback.

The excitement was palpable as both sides traded shots at each other’s goals. Despite their best efforts, neither squad could find the back of the net, as Tupapa led 1-0 at the break.

The intensity continued in the second half as Nikao, trailing by a goal, increased their efforts and changed the tide of the match. However, they were unable to execute the opportunities they created.

With 20 minutes left on the clock, an opportunity finally presented itself for Nikao. Tahiri Elikana took a throw-in just 20 yards from the corner near Tupapa’s box, finding teammate Rangi Moore, who masterfully headed the ball into Tupapa’s net.

Nikao supporters erupted in cheers as the players and fans celebrated, tying up the game at 1-1. With the scoreline now even, it was clear that neither team would back down. Tension filled the air as both sides relentlessly pursued their second goal, determined to tip the balance in their favour.

A crucial moment came with only six minutes left on the clock when a penalty was awarded to Tupapa for a foul play inside Nikao’s box.

Lee Harmon Jr stepped up and in a brilliant display of control and precision, he slotted the ball past Nikao’s helpless goalkeeper, giving Tupapa a 2-1 lead.

The final whistle blew, signalling the end of an unforgettable match that showcased both teams’ incredible passion and dedication to their sport.

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