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Tuesday 27 September 2022 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Running, Sports


Rarotonga runners impress
Rupeni Mataitonga, left, with Jordan McPharlin who finished third in 10km race. SUPPLIED/22092609

Seasoned Rarotonga-based runners gave international participants a good run for their money in the 45th Round Rarotonga Road Race on Saturday.

Rupeni Mataitonga entered the 2022 Round Rarotonga Road Race confident of retaining the 10 kilometre run title.

Despite some strong competition from local and international runners, Mataitonga breezed home crossing the finish line in a time of 39:36 minutes – over seven minutes ahead of second placed Shaun Dixon of New Zealand.

Dixon clocked 46:57 minutes while Rarotonga’s Jordan McPharlin finished third in a time of 47:46 minutes.

Mataitonga won the Round Rarotonga Road Race and Aitutaki Marathon 10km runs last year. He defended the Aitutaki title this year with a record time and over the weekend managed to retain the Round Rarotonga Race title.

“I was aiming to beat my last year’s time of 42 minutes, the aim was to get it under 40 minutes and I managed 39.36 minutes so I was quite pleased with that,” Mataitonga said.

“My aim now is to match the record time or break it in next year’s race.”

Mataitonga said he trained for three months under the guidance of his coach and national runner Alex Beddoes for this year’s race.

“I was confident with all the hard work I did and I have been running quick times as well.”

Mataitonga is now focusing on the 2022 Cook Islands Games where he will represent Atiu in the 800 metres and 1500m events. He won gold medals in those races at the 2020 Cook Islands Games.

Seasoned triathlete Roland Neururer led his Edgewater Resort team which comprised of Gabe Raymond and Greg Gustafson to win the 31km x 3 Relay race on Saturday.

Neururer, who took part in several 31km races over the years, said he enjoyed competing in the team event.

“We won the title last year with two ladies but this time we had all men team, we all enjoyed the race and had a great time.”


10km Walk – Womens 65+ Christine Hosking 1:14:03; Womens 55-64 (tie) Erin Naera 1:53:21, Womens 55-64 (tie) Phillipa Sargeant 1:53:21, Womens 55-64 (tie) Jeanette Daysh 1:53:21, Womens 55-64 (tie) Marie            Aekins 1:53:21; Womens 45-54         Helena Morgan 1:28:58; Womens 35-44 Amanda Hutchings 1:22:06; Womens Open Valentino Wichman 1:43:36; Womens 3rd overall Helena Morgan 1:28:58, Womens 2nd overall Amanda Hutchings 1:22:06; Womens Overall Christine Hosking 1:14:03. Mens 60-69 Jeff Gunter 1:45:29; Mens 50-59 Mark David Strongman 1:38:52; Mens 40-49 Apii Vakai 1:29:32; Mens Open Teariki Wichman 2:00:48; Mens 3rd overall Alun Dodd 1:44:22; Mens 2nd overall Mark David Strongman 1:38:52; Mens Overall Apii Vakai 1:29:32; 1st place Overall Christine Hosking 1:14:03.

10km Run – Womens 65+ Anne-Marie Hunt 1:20:34; Womens 55-64 Bryn Kempthorne 1:13:13, Womens 45-54 Lynda Laugesen 0:58:50; Womens 35-44 Pip Hansen 0:48:09; Womens Open Scarlet Barnes 0:50:21; Womens 3rd overall Maya Postrzygacz 0:52:50; Womens 2nd overall Scarlet Barnes 0:50:21. Womens Overall Pip Hansen 0:48:09.  Mens 70+ Michael Kirsch 1:09:53; Mens 60-69 Nupi Martin 1:40:25; Mens 50-59 Shaun Dixon 0:46:57; Mens 40-49 William Tommy 0:57:36; Mens Open Rupeni Mataitonga  0:39:36; Mens 3rd overall Jordan McPharlin 0:47:46; Mens 2nd overall Shaun Dixon 0:46:57; Mens Overall Rupeni Mataitonga 0:39:36. 1st place Overall Rupeni Mataitonga 0:39:36.

31 by 3 Relay – Overall Winning Team: Edgewater Resort (Runner 1 Roland Neururer, Runner 2 Gabe Raymond, Runner 3 Greg Gustafson) – 2:23:16.

31km Walk - Womens 65+ Lynette Campbell 4:36:34; Womens 55-64 (Tie) Pauline Jones 4:55:00; Womens 55-64 (Tie) Elizabeth Mark 4:55:00; Womens 45-54            Kerris  Browne 4:34:54; Womens 35-44 Rachael Rowe 5:20:59; Womens Open (Tie) Jo Shand 5:25:57; Womens Open (Tie) Sally Wyatt  5:25:57; Womens 3rd overall Gabrielle Robertson 4:49:58; Womens 2nd overall Lynette Campbell 4:36:34; Womens Overall  Kerris  Browne 4:34:54;Mens 70+ Colin Dowling 5:20:59; Mens 60-69 Geoff Old 4:57:07; Mens 2nd overall Colin Dowling 5:20:59; Mens Overall Geoff Old 4:57:07; 1st place Overall Kerris Browne 4:34:54.

31km Run – Womens 65+ Jan Longhurst 3:37:47; Womens 55-64 Diane Cochrane 3:29:56; Womens 45-54 Susan Clare 2:39:31; Womens 35-44 Anna Spencer 2:27:28; Womens Open Shona Naera 3:00:36; Womens 1st Local Lauren Turner 3:04:13; Womens 3rd overall Susan Clare 2:39:31 ; Womens 2nd overall Sophie Dunn 2:36:51; Womens 1st Overall Anna Spencer 2:27:28.Mens 70+ Allan Shadbolt 3:36:30; Mens 60-69 Tim Cross 2:29:12; Mens 50-59         Guy Dryden 2:20:59; Mens 40-49 Graeme Henderson 2:12:53; Mens Open   Chris Stansel 2:23:16; Mens 1st Local Chris Stansel 2:23:16; Mens 3rd overall Guy  Dryden 2:20:59; Mens 2nd overall Nathan Jones 2:15:55; Mens Overall Graeme Henderson 2:12:53; 1st place Overall Graeme Henderson 2:12:53.