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Friday 30 June 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Netball, Sports


Netball Cook Islands creates opportunities for young women
Netball Cook Islands development squad. SUPPLIED / 23062924

Netball Cook Islands is focused on creating opportunities for young women in the Cook Islands.

In recognising the current state of netball in the Cook Islands, they saw the growing need for revitalisation and a fresh approach to ensure its sustained growth.

In a recent meeting with its Development Squad, they signalled a renewed focus on rebuilding the sport and creating opportunities for young women in the Cook Islands.

The meeting that was held on June 28 at the Federation Room, CISNOC office, emphasised the importance of developing the sport and nurturing talent within the community.

The meeting aimed to address these concerns and outline a clear path for development.

Netball Cook Islands secretary Tekura Moekaa said that at the forefront of the discussion was the recognition that the future of netball lies in the hands of the youth.

By investing in the development of young women, Netball Cook Islands says they aim to create ample opportunities for them to participate in the sport and ultimately pave the way for future elite athletes.

The meeting highlighted the importance of establishing effective pathways for young athletes, encompassing education, player development, and opportunities for officials.

By focusing on these key areas, Netball Cook Islands aims to create a holistic approach to talent cultivation and offer the necessary support and resources to aspiring netball players.

A collective of experienced individuals has agreed to take charge and drive this development program.

The collective consist of at least one member from each club in Rarotonga and they include Tehauarii Karotaua, Luciana Nicholas, Natalia Short, Tupe Tamatoa, Liana Nicholas, Peniana Crocombe, Mavis Teaurima, and Jason Lindsay who will focus on player development and will be supported by Netball Cook Islands. 

Moekaa said the meeting emphasised the need to teach athletes the skills and mindset required to become elite performers.

“By instilling the values of dedication, discipline, and resilience, Netball Cook Islands aims to produce athletes who not only excel on the court but also become ambassadors for the sport.

“By prioritising the youth, creating pathways, and fostering a culture of excellence, Netball Cook Islands aims to establish a strong foundation that will propel the sport forward and create opportunities for future generations.”

She said as the journey towards development unfolds, Netball Cook Islands remains committed to ensuring the sustained growth and success of netball in the Cook Islands. “With renewed enthusiasm and a clear vision, the organisation is poised to revitalise the sport and nurture the next generation of netball stars.”